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Frequently asked questions:

"Do you only take cases in the Sheboygan area?"     My office is in Sheboygan, but we handle cases in ALL Wisconsin counties.  For example, in the past 10 years I have had many clients in the Northwestern part of the State and I make regular trips to the Hayward area. We have had cases all over the state, from Prarie du Chien to Door County.    

"Will I have to pay for your travel time and expenses if I live far away?"   My travel costs are not passed on to my clients, no matter where the case is in Wisconsin. 

"Will I have to travel to your office for every appointment?"   I prefer to meet clients at my office but if you are across the state I don't expect you to make the trip.  I can meet with you before or after court when you have your appearances.  

"Are you able to get good results even though you live outside of my area? How do you fit in time for golf with so many judges and prosecutors around Wisconsin?"   The notion that it is an advantage to be in cahoots with local judges and prosecutors is a common misconception.  Good results are earned honestly, by hard work, creativity and perseverance.

"If I hire you to represent me on my drunk driving charges, can you help me with my divorce and draft a will?   I only practice one area of law: criminal defense.  I devote all my time to staying on the cutting edge of the defense field.

"What are your office hours?"  We have flexible hours to accommodate the busy schedule of our clients.  We can meet in the evening or on the weekends so that you can keep your family or professional life intact while we fight for you.

"What are your legal fees?"  The answer to this question depends on the complexity of your case and the nature of the evidence that is involved.  We always offer a free consultation to discuss your options and by the end of your initial meeting, you will know exactly what the legal fees will be in your case.  I don't bill by the hour, and I don't bill my cases in increments.  You have the dedication of my firm to your cause throughout the representation process, no matter where it takes us.  Your fees will not increase just because the case takes longer than usual or if an appeal is necessary.  We have an all-inclusive approach to representation.  We believe that this is the most honest way to do business and is the most fair to the client.

"Do I need to pay all of my legal fees upfront?"  No.  We will work together to come up with a plan that works with your budget.  A typical payment plan will last over the course of 3 or 4 months.  There is no interest charged for payments made on time, even when the client participates in a payment plan. 

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